Chicago's Jew Mayor Plans to Give $1,000 a Month to Niggers


I’ve always been very open about my disliking of anglin


I met him in person several years back. He’s not a bad guy, he just has a few quirks which apparently rubs some people the wrong way.

But I certainly wouldn’t have contributed to his site for the past five years if I thought ill of him. He’s a talented satirist and the overall concept behind the Daily Stormer has been enormously successful regardless of what people think of him personally.


Appreciate the support. No guarantees of anything. Payment processing has been a huge problem for everybody in the alt-media. I got banned from GoFundMe, PayPal, Patreon and other payment processors ages ago.


Far too many people in the alt-Right or far right are simply jealous of him. They resent the fact that in so short a time he has earned a position which they feel that they were entitled to by virtue of having been around for so long. These old fogeys and fuddyduddies are like the whiny little college freshman who thinks that he deserves an ‘A’ just because he kept a seat warm for a term.


They have already been supporting those “unwilling to work” for some time. This is just another example of it.


I don’t like him for any reason other than his arrogance.
One time he disagreed with something i said and then banned my IP address from the DS because he apparently doesn’t really believe in people having an opinion outside of his and he turned into quite a crybaby over it.
I thought he was so free speech and pro 1st amendment?
I never once in my life claimed to be a flat earther, but some of their arguments are interesting.
Like the one about curvature i have posted before where neither the mainstream science data nor the flat earth data makes any sense mathematically , and that was my only point.
In the same thread i stated something about how we may as well have voted for Hillary and got the inevitable civil war rolling here and he got very mad about it and banned me.
He is too much of a trumptard for me…this was back last year in Sept.
When i log into the DS it say my account and IP address are blocked because i am a shill.
FUCK that little weasel.


yeah, he didn’t like that i questioned him so he banned me.
Seems like something a woman would do…


Jews are not very intelligent. Add naive to that.


Getting back to Chicago’s mayor handing out $$ to nig nog’s as if that would ever break their poverty lifestyle:
I think we should all go stand outside of the mayor’s office in blackface and hold our hands out. I can see 50 people in blackface with signs that say Gibs me summa dat.:gorilla::gorilla::gorilla::gorilla:


You’re entitled to your opinion.

But FWIW, the typical day to day moderation of the DS forum was never handled by Anglin himself. Obviously I don’t know the specifics of everything that happened, but you might have just been banned by one of the assigned forum moderators.


Well, yeah, i guess i never really thought of that.
I wasn’t on DS enough for the daily people to know who i was, maybe they thought i was trolling.
I do tend to use sarcasm a lot.
He did personally respond to me once, but i guess i never really thought that someone else like a moderator could’ve done this.
Anyways, i am blocked from their site, so it is what it is…i have other sources of info, like IS!
Thanks again, Lee ,for everything you do.


one things fow-show muh nigga, weez finna beez doin sum dope thissa heeyuh mumf n sheeeit


Local places have Bitcoin ATMs. You still need a wallet somewhere to transfer the coins to. You can always run one on your local machine which is the most secure but comes at a cost and if you lose or corrupt the wallet, the money is gone.


I meant to hit the edit button but hit the delete button by mistake this morning. I was just too tired to rewrite so I didn’t. I basically said the same thing as you did above, especially the constant shilling for Trump.


Kittenstormer is kibble for your mind!


Rahm Emanuel has just confirmed what we all knew, it pays to be a Pet of the Kikes.