Charcoal Mask Triggers the Niggers


LMAO… the only reason the jigaboos get offended by non-offensive things is because they’re obfuscating the fact that they’re kinky-haired low-IQ MONKEYS who will never be able to compete with smart, inventive whites so they howl at the moon… here’s another example of their feeble back minds getting offended at a pic of a beautiful white woman pampering her skin in a charcoal mask. lol… but wait, what’s this? she looks like a ‘person of color’ to me. eh, it matters not to the loony libs.


Maybe the recipients of the charcoal face morph into blacks, saying ‘sheeeit, dis fashial cream be fresh!’


i’m going to wear some to the DHS office and demand affirmative action.


‘Nice hair’? Raciss!

Niggas react


OMG… NY $hitty has gone full-blown insane.


Oh my God they have to make the color of charcoal somehow other than black!!!
Geez, man.


They usually complain because there is no black makeup, and flesh colored crayons are white.


Well, there’s the charcoal face mask they can use to make them even more nigger looking


Charcoal be raciss…


Reminds me of this >



lol… the negros can’t afford to shop at Barneys. what a joke… and we get an entire MONTH of black historical bullshit?