Caravan Invaders Deploying Biological Weapons Against America!


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Caravan invaders are now deploying biological weapons against the United States of America. They are literally taking their hell spawn and throwing them over the border fence.

Fox News also aired a segment on the situation.

This is why we need a 50 foot wall. If these savages tried to do this with a wall that high, these biological weapons would be killed upon hitting the ground.


We wouldn’t need a wall if the strongest military in the world would IDK protect the border like India and Pakistan. Shoot anyone trying to cross illegally.


there’s no shortage of rich hispanics so these immigrants could start businesses in their home countries but they don’t want to have to work for a living and so come to America for welfare. … i’m going to change my name to Hector Villanova, swim across The Rio Grande then back over again to America and demand money!


Could you afford to bring your whole family here at $5000 a head? I know I couldn’t.


on the mexican side, Soros will give you money. on the US side congress gives you money. you can’t lose…


there is another part to that great idea, and that is to never give anything social service related to someone without ID.
No ID paco, sorry your beanlets cannot attend school ,which is against the law.
No ID Jose, sorry you cannot obtain a dL or an EBT card or section 8 app ect ect
No ID Juan , sorry you cannot rent a home or see a Dr. in an emergency room, you can go straight to jail when you cannot prove who you are where there is a physician on duty 24/7.
Why is this nation giving things to illegal trespassers?
Take away the free gibbs and they won’t want to be here and then you combine that with heavy military along the border and it stops literally overnight.


My conspiracy theory is that the Jews are behind the cartels at this point, far from the first time Jews were involved in organised crime (you ever notice how rare Jews are in the big organised crime films?).


i completely agree with that.
People are stupid if they think mestizo mud people gangs and farm ranchers like el chapo are “behind it all”…the only entities that can logistically and financially make this happen on a global scale or even pull off trafficking metric tons of hard narcotics across our borders would be the CIA and the mossad.
They are destroying our nation with this poison that their pop culture/movie industry/music biz advertises and promotes to our children in everything on the talmudvision.
Has there EVER been a more legitimate reason in the history of the usa to line our military up in a foreign land like there is on the mexican border right now?


I believe that Richard Nixon was once quoted as saying that widespread drug abuse was the #1 threat to the sovereignty, youth and future of america.
That was wayyy before tens of millions of cactus coons had the balls to illegal enter our borders with this arrogance they have nowadays.
How right he was.
Its not 100s of niggers overdosing on opiates daily nationwide, its mostly white men.
I wonder (((who))) could ever be behind that , goy.


i openly say this stuff to everyone i make contact with daily!
Lets just say i’m not the most popular guy around the cooler at work, if you know what i mean.


Guys, I think and feel that a second Bubonic plague is coming for real due to the diseases carried by these beaners and rest of the orc hordes. Imagine they were able to touch us let alone with any longer physical contact, I could see everywhere would be pangs due to these “people” whose minds mainly revolved around animals and not thinking of a foresight.


Yes, the Jews were behind the money thumbing in the Italian mafia business so my ancestors in jewmerica was that dumb and greedy to invite them into the business. The original godfather never trusted the Jews. The majority of us Italians are very anti Jew for 2000 years. My family never has been fucked up because none if them entered the mafiso nor trusted the filthy kikes. Read the final judgment by Michael Piper Collins, may God Bless him, exposed the Jew in the Italian mafia business.