Captain Marvel Chick Tells Her White Male Fans To Fuck Off


What teach comics to boys: to worship fictional heroes instead of admire the one from there culture, to being gay in leotard.

What teach comics to girls: To be unbearable bitch, invade male space.



the fact that Black Panther supporters have not supported the Captain Marvel gofundme to get girls to go see the movie


It’s gotten to the point where if I see the word “Marvel” I just dismiss it as a yiddish term for “anti gentile”. I want nothing to do with jew comic book “heroes”.

Here is a comic book hero I DO like:



It serve them right! i hope they’re going to do bankrupt.


They have more than enough heroes in the dissidents and european mythology and history for boys to admire, than watching fags with superpowers running in pink leotard. I hate comics, manga are far more better anyway. Fuck Marvel!


American hero comics are Jewish creations. This is surely undebatable.


For what i learn it’s mostly a projection of how they see themselves : special snowflakes with superpowers.


Yeah exactly. As a kid, I never delved any interest in it. Feels too fake.


I never understand how a normal boy can project himself onto a man wearing fluo leotard. When i learn than Marvel plan to give Captain America a boyfriend i have thinking than it does make sense, has he looks gay, like all superheroes in the first place.


Now they are pushing the Gay in everything! Had set up an account for my son , a kid you tube, and shocked to find one of top recommendation for my son to each is a kid friendly guide to LGBTQ! I immediately blocked it.


Sigh :pensive::disappointed:Yeah! and that so fucking tiresome. I can barely watch american show nowadays because of forced diversity, forced feminism and forced gayness.