“Camp of the Saints” Invasion on the US-Mexico Border: 97% Increase as 2,714 Invade Every Day







Refugee train they need to go quickly to Tel Aviv
Lord Rothschild and his family members can provide the democratic life that refugees want and give human rights and cultural inclusiveness to Mexican drug dealers.
The American niggers can’t wait to meet the police in Tel Aviv to protest their Talmud racist discrimination system]
Gay niggers are also dreaming of coming to the gay capital of the world.
And the climate is very good for the niggers
All unclean “immigrants” should be completely eradicated from the Western world.
Harmful and unhelpful, including those who cannot create civilized values
I watched the movie that was only released recently because it was recently released. Translated as a “border killer.” The name may not be accurate. I don’t know the real name. Now there is the second part. Tell the US anti-drug agents to come to Mexico to fight “Mexican drug dealers.” The actor is a familiar face that looks like a Celtic lineage.
Because it is not like the Germanic appearance.
In this movie, I realized that if there is not enough ammunition, then the anti-drug agent can’t return home safely.
It is not worthwhile to prepare conventional weapons, because Mexicans are like a rat. Eliminate a drug gang and violent organizations, and then there will be many new groups and they will say that they will go further this time.
It is the best decision to destroy them only by the total war initiated by God.
Purify the sustainability of this planet and his people.
Their borders are close to the powerful economy of the United States.
If their country is in another place, I think they still have to cross the 100,000-mile road to the United States.
Parasiticism and distorted mental state are part of their lives. God will one day not forgive the illegal criminal activities they have done.
The Jews came here as the earliest parasite. The cotton estates in the south were monopolized by them. The low public morality of the first batch of white immigrants did not pay attention to this problem and was a serious end, which created a hotbed for the Jewish parasitic virus.
Mexican drug dealers are actually partners and allies of the Jewish rich in the United States, and about 60% of the income belongs to this group of Jews.
Mexicans charge authentic tolls and other fees as well.
The Golden Triangle around Myanmar is the world cocaine factory and center cocaine by the Zhina people. All the cocaine produced here are exported to the west to Europe and North America. Jews charge a part of the cooperation fee, which exceeds the terrible amount every year. .


anyone who doesn’t see this as a national emergency is either a fool or a liar.


You are right.
But now is not the only enemy. The real enemy is at home, inside us. Be sure to completely eradicate the internal “real” enemies.
The Italian mafia organization “our glorious cause”, they belong to the internal organization of the Jewish Masonic, is their tool. They have never been truly investigated and wanted.
The yellow race (Zina) establishes a secret underground “tongs” like a Jewish “Masonic” building

The Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the lifeblood of the United States and cooperated with the Jewish leftists.
Senior funders are Muslim Masonics. This is why Assad opposed this organization.

California Jews now feel safe because whites don’t have guns here.
There are more and more immigrants, and the number of whites continues to decline and continues to shrink!
Now illegal immigrants and border issues are real problems that a nation has to face in order to survive peacefully.
There is no peaceful living environment without a safe and secure border. For the sake of generations and the descendants of this land, we must solve this problem.
But the people who really think about this problem are really too few. All departments and special positions have been infiltrated by the enemy.
With more people like you, the situation can be changed now.


Yeah, my grandmother warned about that. RIP, her soul in heaven, amen. She never mentioned exactly like u did but she named the Jew.