Californica Hit by Quakes


lol… The Golden State jackasses think that they can thumb their noses at the rest of the country. their “sanctuary cites” are a breeding ground for diseases that were almost non-existent in America. leftist scum are turning California into a literal shithole but they stay the course… they aren’t going to be so smug when their state goes bankrupt from mismanagement and natural disasters. this i knew for decades but was lost on the lib-loony’s. but now Allah The Magnificent has had enough of the decadence, hitting california with several big quakes with more to come. it’s literally going to shake them to their core.

the bad part is that the homie migrants might get spooked and leave for other parts of the country.


Where would be the most vulnerable place to be during a 7.1 quake ? Where I was,
sitting on the toilet…


I thought my TV was going to come down last night. I am prepared: ammo supply has recently been increased…

Whenever we have one of these things - the beaners, homies and homeless get spooked and flee like the cockroaches they are.

Wish they’d take the governor with them.