Cali Jigaboos Grab Laptops @ Internet Cafe


looks like the pesky ‘teens’ are at it again. when the savages enter the cafe be on your guard ESPECIALLY if you live in a sanctuary city/state.


No surprise here. I used to live in Berkeley.


Someone needs to invent a portable ‘Treydar’ that alerts you when yoofs are in the vicinity.
Kudos to the guy who chased those porch monkeys down.


we need a nigger alert app for our phones.


Excellent idea. Everytime i see a spook, immediately go into high alert. An app for this would be a top seller.


looks like i’m not the only one who’s wondered about a ‘nigger alert’ app.


My neighbourhood uses Ring’s built-in feature for this. There’s a feature within the app called Neighbors.



That’s fucked up. Today I drove through Trenton, saw a jigaboo at an intersection begging for spare change I immediately rolled up window and locked the door, just fucking never trust em.


there was a jigaboo scamming people in a thrift-store parking lot and he was approaching people as they got in and out of their cars. i don’t like ANYONE coming at me in a parking lot, especially a filthy Haitian pretending to be with “a church” selling some food item that he was holding. people were actually giving him money but not taking the pie or whatever it was. it was a scam. he’s been holding that same tasty treat all day in the hot florida sun.


Not in my neighborhood ugly ass baboon


I know what movie that’s from.:+1:


ha ha ha '…here’s a better angle…



The movie wasn’t that great but this scene is classic entertainment.



Now that’s what I call entertainment!


do you have a link to the video?


@kroenen You didn’t like Taxi Driver? It has a few imperfections but overall I thought it was very good. I doubt any film director could get away with a scene where the hero shoots a nigger in a bodega these days.


Couldn’t happen to a better place than the lefty loons who have “opened” their hearts to diversity in the wonderful bullshit of berkley.


Was the main actor considered a protagonist or the antagonist? How would you interpret his views and psychological well-being?
The real eye candy was Cybill Shepherd.


Good for the time period.


You have something better?