British Army Launches Campaign to Recruit Lazy Shitbags


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The British Army has launched a very fucked up ad campaign as part of an effort to recruit the laziest of shitbags from the Millennial and Generation Z age range into their ranks. It’s like this ad campaign is deliberately trying to recruit the worst that society has to offer.

They released this stupid video where some useless black girl who can’t even gather grocery carts is magically transformed into an elite warrior.

And the associated ad campaign is basically the British Army insulting in a very condescending way the people they’re trying to recruit.

It’s hard to understand the thought process that went into this. Generally speaking when you are trying to recruit somebody into your organization, it’s best not to insult them and make them feel like a piece of shit. But whatever, at this rate the only people who will be serving in the British Army within the next 10 years will be homosexuals, feminists and faggots. I’m not even sure how the organization is able to function at this point.


LOL @ 30 seconds: “C’mon. Chop, chop”. Chop, chop, huh?


This campaign is stupid enough to be the creation of a potential recruit.




Precisely the kind of numbskulls who should be going off in their droves to die for the zionist entity.


the marines thinks that they can toughen-up and change the savages. lol… here in the New Nited States smart whites aren’t enlisting for obvious reasons and so they go after the savages which they will need in the upcoming wars in central and south africa.



The ad at the end says, “your army needs you”…your army?? For gawd’s sake she’s an African, not even English.


This can only mean that the British Army is preparing for civil war.


that and they need cannon fodder to fight The Russians for the Jews.



Can these yellow journalists ever write an article mentioning NS Germany without using words like chilling, evil, and shocking, even when discussing something like a Punisher skull? Of course the last thing we want is for the army to appear to be violent or frighten anyone.



You will learn to walk on two legs…