Brian Ruhe Exposes the Jews at Protest in Canada



The video is banned in Britain. You need to see it through a proxy, e.g., like this:

Within the first minute, he says, “International Jews attack Syria and create refugees”.

Let me think… (((Who))) could possibly want to stop such an important truth from getting out? It’s not the freemasons. It’s not the Muslims. It’s not the Vatican. It’s not the Chinese…


Brian Ruhe, Dennis Wise, and Alfred Schaefer Live-Stream Chat (March 10, 2018)

Monica Schaefer was imprisoned in Germany a few weeks ago for Holocaust denial.


Perhaps if the focus was shifted from exposing the Holo-fraud to exposing things like the torture that the accused in the Nuremberg trials suffered. Something like 98% of them had severe genital and/or testicular damage which pretty much invalidates any plea, guilty or otherwise.


Thank you for posting this story about me!! I am doing fine and the work continues!


Thank you for all that you do. I’m still following your work on BitChute.

You are a great man, Brian!



I am so happy to discover these videos. Inspiring and erudite, as well as brave; Thank you!