Brainwashed White Kid Rams 11yo Because She Was White


the schools are teaching white kids to hate their race. this insanity is encouraged at home by parents in liberal shit-holes. so this druggie soyboy takes his teaching to heart, gets shit-faced on several different drugs and rams his car into an 11yo white girl, “because she was white”… i hope that the parents of the girl are liberal scum so that they can feel first-hand their teachings at work.

Steven Becky admitted to using Xanax, marijuana, LSD and mushrooms. He also told police he deliberately hit her because she was white.

the driver was so fucked-up on liberalism and LSD he got out of his car after he rolled-it over and told the little girl:

"We all have to die sometime.”

it’s not likely that the mainstream snews will cover this story. this is why we are here, to spread THE TRUTH about how liberalism destroys minds, logic and reason.


The deleterious effects of LSD pale in comparison to those of liberalism.


Hopefully he gets stabbed and raped to death in Prison this libtard would probably get off on it disgusting Degenerate.


a fine example of someone needing hung upside down and sawn in half.


Burn this LSD/liberal alive. “We all have to die sometime”, yeah you fucker, your day is today!!