Border Patrol Is A Bad Joke



Clown world strikes again


yeah, but that’s the law. if they didn’t release them, the liberals would sue.


They should sue Israel too and demand refugee floodgates to be opened wide.


yes, and the clowns at Border Patrol are setting up checkpoints, 50 MILES INLAND from the border. (that’s the law.) pretending to be checking for illegal aliens when in fact they are looking for marijuana to confiscate assets. so basically most of the population of our country is in a constitution-free zone where they can search you and your vehicle without reasonable suspicion. it’s a win/win for big government.


Always ask for search warranty.


yeah, but go to youtube and watch some of the videos. the border patrol tases this guy for exercising his constitutional rights. it’s really incredible. i’ll see if i can find it…

here: YouTube


If that happen to me then I’ll get a lawyer and sue the shit outta of them. I gotta get a dashcam as security of evidence… Really not a bad idea. Watched the video. Shit man. They were trained in Israel, obviously.


yeah, i’m afraid i’d just go for the gusto. i’m pissed-off just watching. the pig-shit busted out his windows and began tasing. these are vicious un-american slime who deserve a slow and painful death.