Boat With 86 Migrants Capsizes Off Libya, Most Feared Dead



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this is yet another BULLSHIT story. who’s taking that picture of the migrant boat capsizing?

oh, the article used a pic of a previous migrant boat sinking. lol… it adds so much to the narrative…

but wait, there’s even more good news. even the Libyans are sick of this shit. they did an “air strike” on a migrant detention center! LMAO. an AIRSTRIKE on the invaders! We could learn a lot from the freedom fighters there. they don’t worry about political correctness.

following Tuesday's deadly [airstrike on a Tripoli migrant center ]( believed carried out by forces loyal to Gen. Khalifa Haftar


I did it. Bought Russian submarines repurposed as neon-nazi u-boats and sunk their rafts. Hitler’s UFO’s gave us logistical support.


And the Krusty Krab’s Libyan location is now serving “Niggerburgers”!

Disgusting, I know, but the clientele is largely crustacean, so cut them some slack.


Crabs are not kosher.


I don’t get most Spongebob memes. I was that weird girl riding a Knight Rider KITT big wheel and liked Transformers more than my Barbies. My Deceptions enslaved my little sisters ponies alot. Lol, childhood toys and cartoons


How did DS work out for you?