Black students reluctant to apply to Cambridge University 'due to lack of Afro-Caribbean hairdressers'



affirmative action dindu morons are only afraid of not getting their grades massaged by liberal professors. that’s what’s great about math classes. there is no subjective grading. either you get the right answer or you do not. but if things keep going as they are soon blacks will be able to pass if they get CLOSE to the right answer.


They are already complaining that math, as well as grammar and good writing, are racist.


Math is the White Man’s voodoo.


Whoa man nigger privilege is flashing brightly like phosphorus grenade! Flinging such demand for fixing their brillo hair! I guess their hair is more important than pursuing a world famous degree to them dindus. Why not they go try and set up an afro barber business there? Oh they can’t because of “opressuhion”


They should worry more about the lack of activity inside their heads.


I’ll do their monster hair for them, with a fuckin blowtorch!!:laughing:




Ever hear of common core? Common core says 2 +2 can certainly equal 5 if you can come up with a bullshit explanation.


Common core was invented by a Kike… every single time!!!