Black America Understands What Whites Don't Get


An armed black dude opened fire on a cop thug-force that had THE WRONG HOME killing one cop and they want to put this guy on death row. this based black man is outraged and rightfully so. like i’ve said before, you can generally talk to blacks about injustices and they understand and will listen. this isn’t true with most dumbass white people.


A lot of whites are brainwashed to worship the cops and the military.


Not wrong house, nigger drug dealer. No knock warrants are bs though. Guy might get off.


maybe, i don’t have much info. this guy said that it was a wrong house raid… wake me up from a sound sleep with a flashbang and i’m very likely to grab my gun and shoot in self-defense.

SWAT was designed to be used for active shooters not common drug-raids. the Dallas police chief said he uses SWAT for drug raids “for practice”. these turds throw an m80 into your home and start busting down your windows and doors. how the hell is the homeowner supposed to know it’s the police? now common criminals are using the same tactics to catch homeowners off-guard. USA POS.


No drugs were found on the premises or in the blue car.


Yea right house, right dude but nothing was there. Not saying guy was clean but If I’m on jury, i vote not guilty cuz in Texas we can shoot like that. Cops should’ve announced. Fuck Chuck Dimwittle, really though, fuck Killeen too. Shithole city cuz of the army niggers and Puerto Ricans.


here’s a video about the Buell Ulysees.