Belgium bans halal and kosher slaughter methods which see animals killed without being stunned first


“When proposed, the law was slammed as ‘the greatest assault on Jewish religious rights since Nazi occupation’ by the European Jewish Congress.”

Props to the Belgians, we need to make this pan European and American law.



i had a pos jew try to tell me how ‘humane’ is kosher slaughter. when he tried to do an internet search all he got was how horrible and painful is this antiquated religious practice. jews are sub-human things… one cow is worth at least one million jews.


The life of any breathing creature that benefits humanity is worth more than every kike serpent who has ever slivered around kvetching or any subhuman rape ape bonobo simian who has ever knuckle dragged on this earth combined


The barbarity of halal and kosher slaughter should be banned in every civilized country.