Based Kiwis go Jihad on NZ Dune Coons


Why does a small White Nation need a masque anyway, let alone at least two?


I think we know (((why)))…

Anyway, this is a breaking story, and I’m not a writer. Someone far more able than me will get a great story out.

Their Manifesto is here, references to St. Andres is a nice touch.

Enjoy that feel.


The live stream here


Video is awesome. Just like Duke Nukem, but with real zombies.


lol… i never thought that i’d be so happy watching people get fragged. i was literally yelling and screaming cheers at the computer screen. “THAT ONE IS STILL MOVING, GET HIM!” … “EXCELLENT SHOOTING!”… “STOP WASTING YOUR AMMO!” …

and then he literally frags that muslim woman at the end blasting her brains all over the roadway. WOW!


Yeah, this guy is epic. I’m sure the kikes are kvetching like mad over it.


Is there a way I can share that video? Is there a link?



I just copy /pasted this link and thats how it showed up.


Thanks, Brother. I appreciate that.


that link took me to a torrent of the video, not an online video.