BASED BOLSANARO. Brazil is banning gender studies from its universities!



But many believe this is only the beginning. Teachers are concerned it will get much worse.

I hope so.



Leftists complaining about being the victims of a witch hunt, when they have been forcing their propaganda on us all for years with absolutely no opposition.


There are way too many young White people in college these days, ESPECIALLY White girls who at that age should be getting married and having children. Only serious students who want to pursue serious studies such as engineering and medicine should be allowed to go to college. Shakespeare never had a degree in English and Raphael never majored in Art History. Even law school should be done away with. Lincoln and Jackson were self-taught lawyers and they did just fine. Getting rid of liberal arts and social sciences will also mean the elimination of unhealthy jew/Marxist influences.


agree my dad is a cop and he is fine without college