Barr Congressional Hearings Have Been a Retarded Circus


Originally published at: Barr Congressional Hearings Have Been a Retarded Circus |

The cable news networks have spent much of the past 48 hours covering the circus surrounding Attorney General Bill Barr testifying in front of Congress.

Yesterday he testified in front of the Senate. The Democrats have tried to manufacture a controversy over a letter sent by Bob Mueller to Barr who protested not how Barr interpreted his report in his summary but how the media covered Barr’s summary of his report. So much of yesterday’s hearing involved them whining like retards about a non-substantive issue.

And today the kike Jerrold Nadler who chairs the House Judiciary Committee demanded that Barr submit himself to questioning by not just members of Congress but their staffers as well. The demand was unprecedented so Barr refused to testify because of this bizarre demand from Nadler.

Nadler and the Democrats have used this stunt to claim that Barr should be held in contempt of Congress, that he’s a liar etc..

The kike Democrat Steve Cohen showed up with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken to claim that Barr didn’t show up because he was chicken.

What a fucking shit show circus this is. The Democrats won’t give up on their stupid Russia hoax even when Mueller’s report said there was no wrongdoing.

It’s time to investigate the people who put together this hoax and investigate the Jews and Israelis who have subverted the United States government. But I have little confidence that any of this will happen. Instead, the Democrats are going to keep beating this dead horse until the 2020 election.


It’s actually time to formulate militia’s and put these jew criminals in prison.
I don’t share the positive ,upbeat attitude in the same way that people like Hunter Wallace does about Ghengis Yang.
The Democratic party are anti-white and anti-Christian and where i don’t have any allegiance to modern day Christianity i think it still equates to “whiteness” or being “European” to me and so therefore i am aligned with Christianity politically because true Christianity is diametrically opposed to nearly all stances taken by jews.
We are not talking or voting our way out of this.
UBI based on the ideas of automation and other things pushed by Yang are great ideas, but what difference will it make if the same old donor class jews and lobbyist investor groups still control everything?


if the democrats were worried about an inquiry they’d STFU. everyone has dirt on everyone else and they are saving their dirt like the super powers save their nukes. if one of them slings the forbidden mud it would result in Mutual Assured Destruction.


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