Baltimore's City Government Servers Brought Down by Ransomware


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Baltimore’s city government has been brought to a standstill after a ransomware attack disrupted their computer systems. They’re still struggling with it several days after the initial attack.

Smart Cities Dive:

A ransomware attack was still affecting the city of Baltimore on Thursday, leaving many employees unable to do their work and slowing down other city functions, reports the Baltimore Sun. The ransomware attack first struck the city on Tuesday.

Email was down for city employees and credit card payment systems stopped working in the attack, meaning some permit and payment offices could not serve customers. According to a list prepared by the Sun, the public works department has suspended late water bill fees and the department of finance was unable to conduct business or accept cash for payments. Emergency services and 311 are still operable.

At a Wednesday press conference, city IT director Frank Johnson said the city was working with the FBI and that it appeared to be a “fairly new variant” of the RobinHood ransomware that is “quite aggressive.”

I’d expect this to be a problem for awhile. Especially considering Baltimore’s government is staffed with all sorts of low IQ niggers. Their mayor looks like he should be swinging from jungle trees for fuck sake. I don’t think they have any idea how to deal with the problem.

But these types of things are going to become increasingly more common. This is largely due to the idiocy of the federal government.

Comically, the federal government was developing cyberweapons and these cyberweapons were leaked and many are now out in the wild. There was also a recent story about how the Chinese may have stolen some of the NSA’s hacking tools.

The Vault 7 release by Wikileaks a little while back revealed what the CIA was doing on the cyberweapons front. It revealed all sorts of crazy backdoors and exploits they had. It even revealed how they had the ability to stage false flag cyberweapons attacks.

This is what happens when senile boomers are in charge of things they don’t understand. It was utterly insane to develop cyberweapons like these because if you have your security compromised, those cyberweapons can be used against you. They should have been working with software/hardware vendors to improve their security, but instead they demanded they provide them exploits, backdoors and other bullshit.

The end result is what you are seeing with what happened to Baltimore’s city government’s network and server infrastructure. And considering that the United States has put so many of its key systems on the Internet, these cyberweapons are much more of a threat to our own country than any potential adversary.


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About 50 years ago I looked into attending the University of Detroit. It was just after the riots of '67 &'68. The area around the campus looked like a real shithole. As I recall, the suburbs were in pretty good shape back then. Haven’t been to the Motor City since about '82. First visited Detroit back in 1958 via passenger rail. The train trip was memorable & so was the city.


FUSA-Former Unites States of America. When you remember growing up in the late 1950’s, it’s hard to imagine how much things have changed in this country, and not for the better!


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