Baltimore Memorial Day Chimp-Out


infowars says that the negroid savages were targeting white people. whenever a group of sub-human chimps congregates violence always ensues. imagine being a nice, clean white family celebrating Memorial Day and seeing a hoard of niggers coming at you… nothing is going to change though until the political correctness stops. these niggers are SAVAGES plain and simple, NOT HUMANS. they cannot be civilized and therefore must lose their constitutional protections. THEN and only then will we be able to address the violent actions of these talking monkeys.

when the cops show up they scurry like cockroaches in the light. then they start fighting among themselves. wow…


Avoid The Groid Around Blacks Never Relax


If a kike got hurt in that chimpout…the verminous hebes would be autistically screeching and squealing from every Talmudic Propaganda Network in the US on a 24/7 loop.


And figure out how to blame it on whitey


Nothing is going to change until Whites start fighting back…hard.

The ONLY thing these filthy beasts understand is extreme physical pain administered immediately and without mercy.

Always be en guarde around negroes. They fucking hate you ad mean you and your family great harm - your life, your children’s life, your elderly relatives, handicapped - they don’t care. They see these lives as theirs to destroy.


yes, and mainly because liberal scum blame black failures on whitey holding them down which leads to resentment. over and over they are told that they are “jus az eentelluhgint az wite folkz bu juz kan run fasser” and they believe this. the niggers and the liberals are never going to admit that blacks are sub-human, monkey people which is the obvious truth.


They’re priming blacks to attack Whites by dehumanizing us and telling blacks we are responsible for all of their inevitable failures. It’s not possible for blacks to succeed in a high tech society built for and by a people two standard IQ deviations above theirs.

They are ZOG’s bio-weapons, aimed at Whites, doing ZOG’s bidding to eradicate us, our history, culture and traditions from the face of the earth.

This will end in Jewish tears as these things always do…


Niggers are pure shit. Why people don’t learn that niggers are a plague on God’s green earth.
Don’t tread on me you scum niggers.