Austria far-right activist Martin Sellner condemned over swastika


I like swastikas!


In March last year Mr Sellner and his girlfriend Brittany Pettibone - an alt-right vlogger and conspiracy theorist - were refused entry to the UK.

How can they get away with this? They treat these labels as if they are facts and they are solely to discredit, despite nothing being wrong with being a conspiracy theorist.


The funny part is, he gained a lot of respect in the German movement with the story. LOL



Meanwhile one year earlier

I hope this loathsome hate mongering bastard is banned from Britain for life. The BBC really excel at fake outrage if it furthers the NWO but they recognize youthful larping when it suits them. Fucking slimy rat kike degenerate hypocrites.


I’d be fine with that as long as they banned his nigger hustling wife as well…lol