At Least 49 Killed in New Zealand Mosque Shooting Spree


Yeah and not only that, the Jew used frag grenades too and still didn’t achieve total defeat like the Tarrant did.


These memes are bringing me more joy than since my kid was born.



I notice the kike press isn’t mentioning the hero Brenton Tarrant’s name, nor are they showing his heroic face. For me that’s pretty good evidence that Angry Goy 3 wasn’t a ZOG psy-op, it was the real deal.


@JohnnyPaytoilet That Crazy World of Arthur Brown song was the perfect soundtrack for that hilarious mayhem.


It was, big time! You ought to see the shitload of people who’ve downloaded various renditions of this classic rock masterpiece over at (((youtube))). The comments are hilarious. The b&w video from '68 has received several thousand hits already & it had over 1.2 million views before Friday! Also, a lot of oldies & FM rock stations from all over the world had thousands of requests for this song over the past 24 hours.

You know, the original theme from the Magnificent 7 (1960) would have been a great piece of music , too.


they were busy pushing the Sandy Hook hoax and global warming today.


the video with that song “fire” is goddamned fantastic. i don’t know if he planned it that way or not but it was Art.


As mentioned, I first heard the song at the pool hall on a Saturday, back around late August, 1968. It was on an AM Top 40 station at the time. FM rock was still in it infancy during the late 60’s. Several of the guys & myself were flabbergasted after hearing the opening line, "I am the god of hell’s fire…! The DJ even went ballistic after the song ended! Keep in mind, acid rock was in vogue at that time, i.e. Cream, Frank Zappa, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Canned Heat, etc. It received a shitload of requests but ultimately many AM stations stopped playing it because of the satanic, sexual & drug themed lyrics. I recall a couple of record shops sold out the 45 rpm version when it became available a couple of weeks later. After that, those stores wouldn’t stock it. Quite obvious why. I never saw the video until 1970 & that was at drive-in out in the sticks. One of the movies that night was “Woodstock” by the way. I’m still amazed that Tarrant would use it for his “little” job. At least he had good taste in vintage rock & 51 years later, still gets Ole Johnny pumped up.


Mr Rashid has been hailed as a hero on social media after being seen in a video of the attacks apparently trying to tackle the gunman at Al Noor mosque before being shot.

I told a friend if this jihadi inbreed had been trying to tackle Brenton, he probably makes it to him. But the guy wasn’t, he was trying to get by and get away. He was already ducking and moving for the hallway before Brenton turned and poppoppoppop his terrorist ass. Hero, lulz.


It’s a great tune. I was honestly unaware of it until I saw the Tarrant video. I also had no idea that the Prodigy sampled from his song which they used in one of their own tracks decades later. But now it all makes sense.


That camel humper was definitely no hero. Anybody who watches the video can see clearly that he was trying to run out of the mosque away from Tarrant.


Thanks for the reply. A couple of things I remembered. There were actually some high school bands that had an instrumental version of the song & performed it at halftime during the '68 football season. Also, I remember a Viet Nam vet a year later, told me it was favorite with a lot of GIs still over there.


it’s a shame too because there was no shortage of fantastic rock tunes from that era. now it’s just a bunch of GD SHIT, that always devolves into : " oh, oh… ho ho… who who… no no…". it’s driving nuts. everyone just accepts it but it’s just pop elevator music. and i haven’t heard any good new rock in decades. before THE WHORE joined Fleetwood Mac, they made some rocking tunes.


In case anyone hasn’t read it yet, here’s a pdf link to Tarrant’s Manifesto – it’s well worth reading.

Death toll now at 50 according to NZ Police & CNN. More than a dozen still in intensive care.


Not to rain on your parade but Fleetwood Mac was fronted by a kike at that time. When he left they became a good band imo.


I read some of it. I have to say it’s a little overrated. Obviously there are a lot of things people here are going to agree with, and some of it is trolling which can be funny (like the way Candace Owens responded). Otherwise, like the event itself, the document somewhat discredits this movement.


Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong.


@Chill They were originally called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.


@infostormer Mohammedans are cowards. The only heroic one I can think of would be Saladin.


He was just defending what should be his birthright (given he’s a commonwealth citizen, and the commonwealth nations should be 99.9999% white).