Archbishop of Canterbury Wants to Stop Potraying Jesus as White

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More retard-tier shit here. Apparently portraying Jesus Christ as “White” hurts the feelings of niggers. And because of that, Jesus Christ must now be portrayed as a nigger or whatever. This according to the Archbishop of Canterbury who appears to be a major sucker of nigger penis.

Archbishop of Canterbury says Church must think again about portraying Jesus as white

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) June 26, 2020

We might as well just replace Christianity entirely now that everybody wants to worship niggers as gods.

Jesus Christ can be replaced with George Floyd as the center of this new religion. Instead of images depicting Christ on a cross, we can have images of a racist White cop with his knee on Floyd’s neck.


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Let it be so. Christian/Catholic churches have been infiltrated by ZOG for decades now, all the way up to the Pope himself, the ultimate golem who spews ZOG’s anti-White narrative.

Whites who donate to these so-called religious organizations are aiding and abetting a cause that is pushing mightily to eliminate them, their families and loved ones, along with their history, heritage and traditions.

Christianity is anti-White top to bottom. How about supporting something that aids, defends and promotes Whites?