Apple's Stock Tanks After Announcing Poor iPhone Sales


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Apple as a company is definitely on the decline. When the cocksucking faggot Tim Cook took over as CEO, he based the company’s entire business model around selling unlimited amounts of iPhones. The problem with this is that the smartphone became a commodity product years ago and Cook has kept trying to charge increasing sums of money for new models of iPhones that had no substantive functional improvements over previous models.

That’s why it is no surprise that iPhone sales have slowed down and their stock tanked as a result.

Cook doesn’t appear to have any solution to fix it. He is blaming China’s economy for the problem and says he’ll fix the situation by begging people to upgrade their existing iPhones. He rambled about all this during an interview with CNBC.

This is not going to work. He should have been investing the profits made on the iPhone in creating new and innovative products. But instead he chose to focus on making non-substantive improvements to the iPhone. Cook is a failure as a CEO and reflective of what happens when you put a man who sucks dick in charge of a major technology company.


Maybe they could offer a choice of textures on the power switch.


Tech companies focus solely on growth and not sustainability. Nothing grows forever.


(((bbc))) are putting it out yesterday and today that parents are not to worry about kids’ screen time… I’m suspicious of announcements like these by the bbc kikes. They want to keep pushing their muck into our kids’ minds unabated, while selling their shtty pfones.