Any way to publicize this forum a little more?


maybe Azzmador could mention it a few times per show and if the Daily Stormer forum is still closed to new applicants maybe Anglin could steer some traffic over here

i’ll see if i can mention it over on BitChute in the pro-white/NS channel comment sections


Maybe post one of these around… Or make your own graphic


Let’s all make controversial as heck yet normie-friendly posters and post them everywhere (schools, libraries, parks, your local synagogue), so the extremely “politically-correct” people won’t even think a second about wasting their time here and the normies who still haven’t surrendered totally to propaganda get in here. If we are lucky we’ll get unto the news as “hate-speech” gathering even more traffic and popularity!


In some ways I like the fact that this site has been under the radar for the past couple of years.

Simply because it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain any sort of dissident website on the Internet thanks to all the kikery around us.

But with that said, any promotion is welcome.