Any thoughts on the John Birch Society?


My Opa was a fan of them. Just wondering if they are cucked.


The Birchers are avowedly anti-communist, but will NEVER mention the jews. They did write a great reactionary classic in 1971 called None Dare Call It Conspiracy, which is still relevant today.


They were bank rolled by the Rockefellers as fake opposition to their other big project at the time, the UN.


That’s why I was interested in them (anti-UN ). Since Koch Brothers and Soros have publicly aligned it feels like I overdosed on Red Pills. Very hard to hide my power level amongst the normies these days.


Besides not naming the Jew, they also refused to name The Freemason. The organization was dominated by Mormons (the LDS Church is largely warmed over Freemasonry). I’ve become suspect of Fred Koch (Daddy Koch) he made his money building refineries in the Soviet Union. It has been said not to trust anyone who ever went to the Soviet Union.


The UN was founded in 1945. The JBS was founded in 1958. Fuckin’ retard.


@Josef_Tiso What! We shouldn’t trust anyone who went to the USSR? Not even Lee Oswald? :dizzy_face:


Since getting red pilled, many of the “Sacred Cows” I once had have proven to be tasty hamburger–to paraphrase (((Abbie Hoffman))). Two of the “Founding Mothers” of modern libertarian thought are suspect. Of course one of which is (((Ayn Rand))) who was from the Soviet Union. The other was Rose Wilder Lane, who had spent time in the Soviet Union and came back “reformed” when she saw how bad (((Communism))) was in practice.


And we should probably add Israel to that list. It’s awfully easy to bug a hotel room.


I can’t remember where I heard this, but it bares repeating. Israel was holding on to a Jewish majority, but long term it wasn’t looking good. The demise of the Soviet Union improved those numbers dramatically. I’m half-convinced this was the real reason why the Soviet Union “collapsed”.


@Jozef_Tiso No doubt the CIA and International Jewry conspired to bring down the USSR, since that superstate was no longer of any use to ZOG. In fact it had become an impediment to Zionist plans for control of the Middle East. It also stood in the way of establishing the present EUSSR in Europe.


I can’t remember if it was Eric Striker (sounds like something he would say) who put forward a theory that the Russian Orthodox Church and the Communist Party should have joined forces and presented an alternative to America throughout the world.