Antifa tried to buy illegal guns to help the illegals



Do we still have a death penalty for treason ?!


The guy in the pic needs to do some push-ups! He looks like a glob of cookie dough.

‘Mexican rambo!!’ Right!!! When this antifa idiot meets the mexican rambo, he’ll be surprised to see a short, pot-bellied, spindly legged mexican with flies buzzing around his head, which is what the majority of cartel people look like.


Who understands that people? The heck: weren’t they against “guns” anyways? I suppose that if it’s to kill the white fascist man then they have no problem with it.


That picture is utterly repulsive and should not be viewed before mealtime if at all.


Antifa are a bunch of either skeleton people or fat pigs that share in common the inability of doing at least 25 push-ups without suffering a blackout first. People radically against antifa are more well-built and in way better physical shape.