Anti-Brexit Feminist Snowflake Strips Nude in BBC Interview


Funny story. Victoria Bateman, an anti-Brexit feminist economist, stripped off to do a naked interview in the BBC Radio 4 studio.

She complains that Brexit reveals some “anti-immigration sentiments”. If African Muslims were flooding into her home, would she bare all and suggest that denying them entry was a “xenophobic” sentiment?

Twitter users responded with disbelief, asking if what they were seeing was real or a peculiar, vivid dream.

And this woman is a professor who lectures in economics!


via Sailer:

not a single mainstream UK political party thinks our concerns are valid

I can’t imagine why that is so


This is that dumb bitch from Cambridge who attended a university party practically naked last year, isn’t it?


She has a history of exhibitionism. Last year she appeared in a video "with just a few strategically placed bank notes" to protest "inequality in economics". In 2016 she attended a Cambridge University faculty meeting naked, with "Brexit leaves Britain naked" written on her body.