Amsterdam Holocaust memorial to go ahead despite pushback from residents


Everyone hates it. Jews don´t care. They built the shit.

Disgusting jew:


Every country on Earth should have at least three Holocaust memorials.
I mean, you’re not anti-semetic, aren’t you?


wow, get a load of this ^^^ drivel…

By Abraham Cooper and Manfred Gerstenfeld


Rabbi Abraham Cooper is the Associate Dean, Director Global Social Action Agenda at the Simon Wiesenthal Center

there it is


Just imagine having this hideous monstrocity rammed down your throat and being obliged to look at it every time you left home.


note that Newsmax has a comment section - its not disqus though, have to sign up to give the Rabbi a little of the truth

other articles from the good rabbi include:

First Step to Defeating Anti-Semitism Is Acknowledging It

where he claims:

While Kristallnacht is widely seen as the beginning of the Holocaust, hatred of the Israelites dates back to the days of Pharaoh in ancient Egypt and stands alone as the most insidious hatred known to humankind.


I’m sick of these arrogant cunts and their scams.


Sneaky bastards trying to associate themselves with the Jews from thousands of yrs ago.