Americans Are Being Asked to Sacrifice Like in World War II

Originally published at: Americans Are Being Asked to Sacrifice Like in World War II |

The media is telling Americans that we have to sacrifice like Americans sacrificed in World War II because of an infection that has killed far less people than the flu.

Below is the picture that accompanied an Associated Press piece on this subject.

The fact that the media is actually demanding that Americans sacrifice is comical.

Why the fuck would I want to sacrifice for this decaying shithole of a country?

America was a far different place back during World War II. America was 90 percent White and people had common interests. People actually had a reason to make sacrifices. That’s why the Jews were ultimately able to mislead the country into entering World War II.

America is a far different place in 2020. Whites are roughly 50 to 60 percent of the population and we are surrounded with all sorts of low IQ populations from the third world.

White males in particular are treated like third class citizens within this current system.

Jewish feminism and feminist-inspired divorce laws have made it impossible for White men to form and build long-lasting families.

White men can’t even organize politically or speak freely without getting fired from their jobs or having their lives ruined.

And I’m being asked to sacrifice for such a system?

No thanks and fuck you for even asking me to sacrifice for such a system.

We have a totally dysfunctional system and I’d much rather see it collapse than to make any personal sacrifices so such a system continues.

Ask the empowered feminist cunts to sacrifice or the low IQ niggers who receive endless welfare checks to shit out worthless little niglets. Let them sacrifice for the better good of this insane Jewish multicultural hellscape. But don’t ask me to sacrifice when this entire system has acted against my interests for my entire life.


And they think they can bribe us with worthless federal notes.