Alice rocks the shit-house


The videos below show 2 brilliant speeches of AfD politician Dr. Alice Weidel. She is an example of a good reasonable woman.

The speeches were held in the german parliament, which is dominated by filthy traitors.
The first speech was held in the context of a national budget debate. The second one is about the Brexit disaster.

Both speeches are definitely worth watching. One can learn a lot by this. It’s with english subtitles. So everybody can understand what’s going on. Every sentence of her is so true…


@sturmfuehrer78 What do you think of the NPD?


The NPD is the german party i personally mostly agree with. Its party manifesto is very close to the NSDAP. Some big problem of the NPD is that its staff always partly consisted of dubious persons. There was a lot of discord and infighting, which deterred many people. The NPD has been prosecuted since its beginning by the state and the media, mainly because it is against the fake-constitution of this rotten Republic. The NPD was quite succesful in the first decade after the millenium. They even won parliamentary seats in 2 states (Saxonia and Mecklenburg), but couldn’t establish and lost all their seats after the following elections.
Additionaly it was under constant surveillance and infiltrated with many spies, including some people of the leading staff. So in the end it all was a big clusterfuck. Nobody couldn’t exactly say who was a real member and who was a spy.
I remember there were also some very unsavory affairs about several leading persons. That was the point when i lost my interest in the NPD. And then, along with decreasing success came big financial problems that almost destroyed the party. The NPD still exists, but it is quite irrelevant now