Alex Jones Should Absolutely Have a White House Press Pass


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There’s currently a petition demanding Alex Jones be given White House press credentials and that he be sat next to CNN’s Jim Acosta during press briefings.

We should all support this. When Jones previously made a trip to Washington DC for the Congressional hearings on social media, he definitely made an impact. The best was when he trolled Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Rubio pretended to not know who he was.

He also confronted a CNN shill named Oliver Darcy who advocated for Jones getting banned off the Internet.

All that shit was very funny.

Jones actually said that he was going to be heading up to Washington DC to more frequently troll the media and politicians. It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t done this yet.

And yeah, I have lots of issues with Jones but his presence around the White House press corps would be funny as all fuck. Just him being there would make their lives miserable and that would be a net positive.

These fools in the White House press corps aren’t even real media. They’re just a group of activists and agitators that get paid by Jews to make the Trump administration look bad. So why not troll them with a raging mad man like Jones?

And certainly any questions Jones asks during the press briefings will be far more interesting than the boring shit that always gets asked. I’d absolutely like to hear the Trump administration’s position on the Illuminati, chemtrails and gay frogs.

For added impact, he could attend the press briefings shirtless.



ironically, the Acosta ‘win’ in court will open doors for the alternative media to attend white house briefings. it’s the legal opening that they need to expose The Fake News.


This would be worth doing for the entertainment value.

It wouldn’t be as good as watching a livestream of former chaimstream media types laboring in a re-education camp.

But it would still be good.


Here’s the full URL in case anyone needs it:

Spam this everywhere! We Americans want alternative media represented in WH Press Briefings.


I just signed it. It was around 47k in ten days.


Let’s keep this petition going. We have to do this, not even so much for Alex (as funny as he can be) but for all alt media. Jones is just our stalking horse. Please, sign this now & spam it everywhere.

Sign it & give Cenk Uygur a heart attack!


Jones complains about being banned but he banned me TWICE for telling THE TRUTH in his comments section so FUCK HIM…


You shouldn’t make this a personal vendetta. Think what this could mean for alternative media – you might even find that a show of your own were viable.


Mr. Stormer should definitely have a press pass to the White house


One way or another, the MSM’s monopoly on news has to be broken up. People who matter, who can make their voices heard in the corridors of power, will notice this petition.