African Gangs: A Plague Upon Melbourne, Australia


Yet strangely, the MSM here remain largely silent. Before the nigger gangs it was the lebanese and vietnamese gangs. For some reason the government hasn’t been able to do anything about any of them.
God help you if you’re a white man in a 1% bike club though, the Gov has plenty of resources to target you.

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They should be hunted down and eliminated and…

There should be a bounty on each one of them (as there was for Abo’s in the good old days).

The politicians who allowed this should be hanged by the neck until dead for genocide against the White founding population.

No doubt Jews were behind the “White Policy Switch.”


@Bon, A Hungarian and a Lithuanian Jew (both immigrants after WW2) formulated our multicultural policy IIRC, I could be wrong, though I do vaguely recall reading along those lines many years ago.

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