A Rough Guide To Single Mothers

  1. Being a “partner” means you get to pay for half- if not more. I have noticed after marriage a single mom works at dizzying speed to make sure her mans name is on all of the bills. She also will usually demand money also for a huge amount of her child’s expenses. It is also expressed as a part of “loving her and showing it”. I have seen men putting money away for college for a kid that’s not his. Buying ridiculous amounts of brand name clothes, expensive homes etc all in an effort to be in a so-called “family”.

  2. The Family you just got into is by invitation only. In most traditional marriages that produce children, the man, woman and child or children make up he basic family unit. In being a step- parent you are not the basic unit. The mother and child together are the basic unit. You are invited in and can be un-invited whenever mom feels it to be so. No matter what is said or mentioned before marriage, you will never come before her child. You will always be in a family and relationship where you come second, maybe third.

  3. No matter what you think her ex is going to be there forever. In just about every case the child’s father does not seem to be in the picture during the dating and courtship stage but seems to suddenly show up after. The reality is he was always there, your partner just never mentioned it. The father will most naturally want to have a relationship with his child and he is going to be quite involved most of the time. Just about every time you will be dragged into the endless bickering and fights they have and you will not be liked by him “its only natural remember” also be sure to take into account the grandparents, uncles and aunts and all the family functions you will be attending with him, his child, his ex (your partner) and his side of the family. Get used to being uncomfortable.

  4. Her kid will most likely not like you very much. Let’s face it you’re sleeping with their mom and most of the time the child will see you as a roadblock to his parents getting back together. Most likely the mom has made you the giver of discipline in the relationship, being the man and all which results in the kid hating you. Or after watching the child run amok for weeks after you arrive you change junior’s schedule to include some discipline and then you also hated even more. An amazing amount of men involved with single mothers report how the child hates them, but he can keep buying gifts to try to win their affection. Some call it the ATM effect of diminishing returns.

  5. All that time you had together with your new love will end after marriage. The number one job of a single mom is simply to be a mom. She is not a party girl, hiker, camper, biker, clubber etc. Just be prepared for a frontal assault on your time and money after marriage. You will find your weekdays taken up with homework, PTA meetings, suppers at home, and early bed times. Weekends will be the time for the child’s extra-curricular activities and other activities. If a single man is wondering what happens ask any father of children how their time is spent, it will not be on hobbies. You will hear endlessly the phrase “we are a family now and this is what a family does” of course your idea on family will differ, but it is her family and she will make the choices.

  6. You will wonder what happened to all your money. Most men involved with a single mom report that their money seems to dry up. Children are expensive- expensive like most men have no idea. Between school supplies, clothing, vast amounts of food, babysitters if you ever want to go out, medications, fees, sports, supplies, toys and such; well, there will be little left.
    As a footnote there is also another ploy by some single moms that men also forget about. The child’s father is paying for a lot of these things. Quite a few men have reported that their wife or girlfriend was getting them to pay for such things as sport fees, equipment, university funds, school supplies and such but at the same time getting the child’s father to pay for these things also. Double billing, also called fraud, is quite common but it does allow the single mom to have almost zero expenses for her child as two men are now paying for junior.
    Another ploy that is quite horrific was a man whose wife owned a home and he moved in with her and her child. Although he fixed it up, paid half the mortgage and expenses- she had willed the home to her children. When confronted she said since she would be dead she did not care if he had a home or not, her child came first. So be careful with matters of money. Very careful.

  7. You will never really be accepted. I have observed time and time again the heartbreak of a step parent as the child gets older. After putting them through school, providing a place to live, food, getting the child all kinds of gifts and honestly really caring about the child and such I keep hearing this one story over and over. The time comes for a grad or a wedding, the step parent thinks he might be lauded for his sacrifices but instead is shunted to a back seat or not invited as the child invites mom and dad to the party; and thanks them for all their love and work. Usually there is not even an acknowledgment of effort.

  8. You will now be part of the single moms’´ network. Be prepared to help out all her buddies as they helped her out. Endless weekends and nights of babysitting the other single moms kids so that they too may date and get a man. You will also discover why 75% of all people in jail come from single mother households. Try not to have any expensive items around.

  9. Now that the single mom is now married she will need to impress her single mom friends with her new found happiness. Her happiness will usually include a new home in a good neighborhood, new clothing, new items for the home, new car etc; there is an unwritten law it seems among a lot of single moms that they compete ruthlessly with their friends. If she does get married she needs to show them her new found prestige. Be prepared for huge new expenses.

  10. You will have no time for errors. A lot of single men get involved with the single mom and her kids when the child is a bit older. Being inexperienced with children becomes a huge burden as the single man has no time to learn parenting skills; and mistakes are not readily forgiven nor forgotten when a kid is 4 compared to 14.

  11. You may think it ends, but it never does. I know many men whose single mom wife promised them a completely different life after junior turned 18 or so. At the beginning of the relationship it looked like just a few years and then total privacy and freedom. Then years later they found out that junior is going to go to university for 6 years after taking a gap year off and not worry about a job as he will live at home. After that the story usually is that the child gets married and has kids and needs a ton of babysitting services. The dream of trips abroad, moving to a nicer place etc. evaporates for most men. They just wind up being early grandparents. The other option that happens a lot is the girls have children early and stay at home. Not only is the man taking care of his wife’s child he also has to care for her grandchild now!

  12. You will have nothing to show for it. In the end when most men have their own children the work and effort is well worth it. The men did their best and raised a family, continued a line, get grandchildren etc. As a step-parent you have contributed as much but you have nothing. Nobody carries on your name and most men realize they are not even ever thanked for their sacrifice.

  13. The legalities can kill you. There have been numerous cases where a man has divorced or left a single mom and then found himself liable financially for her child. Although not the father he will be responsible for child payments, extra fees and most certainly university far after they are 18 check the laws out, it’s a raw deal. Couple that with some alimony and you get the whole effect of being a divorced and homeless dad with not one child of your own.
    In the end women have asked for their freedom to make their own choices now for decades. I would advise all single men to let single moms make their choice of having a child by themselves and then live with it. Don’t involve yourself with these women under any circumstances. It can be in many ways, the death of a man.

Well it’s a rough guide and you were warned.


Who the heck here would want to marry up a single mother anyways?

Besides those pinkos, white-knights, borderline betas and bluepill men who think all women are good and that biomechanics don’t work apparently, who the heck in the world is going to want to eat what has already been eaten by another man? That’s common sense heck and if not common sense at least enough self-esteem likely to get yourself something decent! Childless virgin women might be harder to get but at the end the effort will always be worth it as your family will be fully yours and you’ll be the father.

Single mothers think that you raising her child is your responsibility (somehow) because you’re her partner now, so they in their own vanity never ever are thankful for it because “you had to”. I don’t know why men with single mothers as their partners never take good advantage of it, considering most good sane men don’t want used-up women, as what they’re doing is literally killing themselves for what’s not theirs and never will and that deserves a big pay; that’s likely for you to have that woman serving you all the time doing whatever you like her to do, treat you like a king, or else you walk away and leave her alone with her child for a long time until another patsy comes by.

The worst part of being a father of a single mother’s household that’s not yours is that your genetic children will get to feel likely they are from another family; for sure the mother does the difference between her children and yours, sometimes not treating them equally and maybe feeling more love for her children because rarely does the woman think you are their father, she only will distrust. I can talk from experience from my life being born in such a setting and being the only children of my father of the three children my mother had; my brothers treated me pretty well tbh, yet sometimes my mother did such differences between me and my other two brothers sometimes treating me like the black sheep of the family. Having a children with a single mother is like walking on a minefield, you gotta be totally sure it will work well both for you and your soon to be children: it’s better to marry a non-used woman instead. Besides most of the time women won’t even appreciate the effort the man does if it isn’t enough, won’t even be a bit thankful and only demand even more. If you want a single mother for sometime only for the pleasure go for it, but don’t ever have a child with her: it won’t be good.


Good luck finding one of those. Keep in mind, (((Family Court))) is no respecter of persons. The Blood of Jesus, The Holy Eucharist, Buddha, or 1488 can change that. Until we take women’s rights away, nothing will change.


If only we could repeal the 19th. I wonder if commies have the same dreams about repealing the 1st and 2nd?

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Women’s Suffrage was the beginning of the end for the west.


Once only white landowners decided government representation. When that was forsaken, the lid was blown off for all types of insanity and we now find ourselves in interesting times indeed.

Imagine any of the signatories of our precious founding documents experiencing current year. That said, maybe the new Bill and Ted movie will be based.


Hate to tell you this bro, but unless you wife up a virgin, you already are.


Single mommies are crazy I’m glad I learned the mistake when I was young and got far away from her life is much better without the stress.