A Robot Can Make 300 Pizzas In a Single Hour


Originally published at: A Robot Can Make 300 Pizzas In a Single Hour | Infostormer.com

There are now robots that can make 300 pizzas in a single hour.

I visited Seattle startup @PicnicNews last week to see how their pizza robot can assemble 300 pies per hour. Here's a video of the system in action. pic.twitter.com/gz3795H9YE

— James Thorne (@jamescthorne) October 1, 2019

The automation of mundane tasks are going to make many non-White “employees” obsolete. No longer will Jews be able to say that we need all of these third world savages around us to do jobs that Americans won’t do.

And what’s funny is that all this automation is coming into being just as fast food workers are demanding $15 an hour wages. Restaurants are just going to say the fuck with it and bring in the robots.

But honestly, these types of fast food jobs were not meant to be permanent careers. They were originally meant for young people and students to make some money as they learn a more lucrative job skill. Unfortunately, with all these savages around us, these jobs are the best they can do because they are low IQ and stupid. So I’ll be very happy when the robots replace them.


Just make sure the robot ISN’T WHITE…

And it’s all good…


When this technology gets to work let’s all hope these nigger savages don’t stab a robot because it won’t do chicken pie.


That’s fine. I am a reasonable person.

The robots can be black despite my hatred of that type of skin color.


There is a downside to this technology. People go to work to make money and then spend that money back into circulation to keep the economy and small business going. A lot of robots to do this type of work is going to produce even more shiftless people, more crime, hopelessness.


By the way, i have no idea why that black face is showing up on my posts…IT IS NOT ME!!!, i’m not black, thank god.


more concentration of wealth into fewer hands


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