A pictures worth a thousand words!



This one makes a Streicher illustration look like a member of the Aryan Purity League.


Talk about disgenics!


Can’t find it right now, but there is hilarious picture where she tried pulling off “my fellow white people” and people linked her tweet saying she’s Jewish and picture of hers.

Also, just discovered this right now, try searching “fellow white people” both on Google and DuckDuckGo or Yandex. Way different results, Google’s been shutting it down it seems.


My jewdar just exploded with that one! Fuck’s sake!!!



I ‘confront my whiteness’ every day in the mirror. Most call it ‘getting ready for work.’


These hook nose fucks are basically deranged and fixated.


Baseline reference



i saw her nose and was gonna say “poor girl” and then i read what she had to say

instead of blaming her parents for her looks she takes out her anger on white people