9/11 Update


as we all know, JEWS DID 9/11 along with their henchmen BushCo, The CIA and FBI to (among other things) destroy the enemies of Israel. well, some good people just won’t let the dead rest in peace and so are rattling the caskets. they submitted mounds of evidence to The FBI Swamp and are waiting to see how they will put a spin on it BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. these same attorneys have contacted two of the biggest loudmouths in Washington, Omar and Ocasio Cortez to reopen the 9/11 coverup investigation. lol… Omar is going to do this with glee as she knows that Jews did 9/11 and then blamed it on Muslims so she has a bone to pic.

9/11 proved that America is a military police-state and will remain so UNLESS this false flag is made public. another beautiful aspect of reopening this can of worms is that it will prove COLLUSION between The Terrorists and all major US media outlets. hopefully some fake news psychos will be joining Dick, George and Rummy in cell-block 9.