72 Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Boston


this guy is great. he red-pilled me a little because he takes our Bill of Rights seriously and at first it was a bit weird that this black dude thinks that he’s just as much an American as a white guy but ya-know, he’s more American than most white guys i’ve known or have met. watch it to the end…


In what year were 72 people killed during gun confiscation in Boston?


yes, that is the punch-line.

then they reveal the names of the organizers:
Samual Adams, Paul Revere, & John Hancock, “who have been identified as ring leaders of the extremist faction”
this is how the american revolution began. the story has been modified but it’s a good read and is exactly what is happening right now. another aspect to the gun-grab is that black people are now prepared to fight with us to keep our guns. that’s huge.


It’s too bad, blacks have pushed me so far away by joining Cultural Marxism that he can get fucked like all of them. Same with Jews, maybe there’s a good one but it doesn’t matter when the whole is so fucked and doing such damage to our people.

I don’t regret my choice to turn my back on them, they made the choice to team with whom they sided with instead of siding with normal whites not looking to do them harm.

Tell Coonass in the video it’s too late.