7 day timeout on twitter, banned from Stormfront, so I'm here


The 7 day timeout on twitter was for saying ‘Communists should die.’

The ban from Stormfront was calling one of the mods who has Jews friends a cunt after he warned me for calling Meds “Not white.”, which Meds are (science proves this.)

Shit posting takes a toll.


Yeah, I’m 1 day into a 7 day ban for posting this very accurate depiction on Kikebook:

It took them 5 weeks to notice it …or for some wank to inform the hook nosed thought police.
Yeah, fuck them!


I too am a Twittercaust survivor…


Roger Waters Brands Twitter ‘Thought Police’ for Suspending Assange Support Account www.rt.com/news/464082-waters-twitter-unity4j-suspended


Mustn’t go around telling the truth like that.


I could probably sneak back on to Twitter for the 14th time, but what’s the point? As far as Stormfart goes it’s boring and outdated. :sleeping:



Stormfront is like for Boomer cucks now. “If they view themselves as white, we consider them white.”

Look, if you think Meds are white when Southern Italians show closer DNA relationship to Turks than they do Northern Italians (Alpines), why fucking care if we get overrun by Mestizos who’ll turn us into the same brown nothing Southern Italians are?

Do yourself a favor, google the mud running Italy, then google the Mud running Turkey, then google for white NW European - who does Salvini or Burlisconi look like? If you think they look white, you’re not on my side.


I feel ya nigger. After 3 years DS finally banned me for posting Bobs and Vegana.

2 days.

I mean i did other shit too, but that’s probably the outlieing reason.


they got all politically correct about “porn” images on daily stormer too branding anything nude as “porn”. it was a cult-like mindset.