5G Technology and our health


The other day I drove past a construction site erecting a new cell phone/communications tower close to where I live. The usual ones with the rectangular dark grey panels at the top facing in every direction.
I asked myself why do they keep building these things if everyone’s cell phone works flawlessly with minimal problems with connecting?

I found my answer and it’s not good.





I do too feel concerns about radiation but our microwaves to 5G to the sun give off radiation. The spread of information at light speed is essential for our future. Double check and make sure it’s not der Eternal jude.


Do the research on my numerous sources and your decision might be different.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject it’s just something I question.


I haven’t looked to deeply into 5G. I’ve been busy with life problems and trying to find a new place. 31 with a wife 2 kids and I wasn’t expecting to have to move on short notice. But I like to keep busy. Any suggestions on data on 5G? I’m blind on the matter.


my phone works fine. i don’t need 5g… i’m guessing however that our military does. also, they want the negroids in Africa to be able to fight for America against Russia and China and so they need 5g communications.

sure but that’s no excuse to increase our exposure. the uninformed have been saying “radiation is natural” to justify constant zapping… we evolved to deal with natural radiation and it looks like we’re going to have to evolve to deal with manmade radiation too. the human die-off will be unprecedented…


I’m sure it’s part of Agenda 21 population reduction program


There are no experts, this is the largest live experiment on humans ever conducted. Laws have to be rewritten to change radiation safety standards.


Alex Jones has the documents and he says that 5G is a conspiracy by the Chinese Communists to give us cancer and turn us gay.


Did you even look into anything I posted?
Read all the factual evidence of the hazardous effects of 5G radiation they have planned for us. I’m assuming you’re making a joke against AJ and not my post?