5 Teen Monkeys Rob & Murder White Musician


as soon as the fake news said that “5 teens” murdered this guy i had to search for their pics. SURE ENOUGH… 5 subhuman monkeys are the prime suspects. a few of these creatures are barely old enough to eat solid food. unfortunately the youngest will probably be out on the mean streets to kill again. as young as these monkeys are, the other two are even younger and their pics can’t be shown. you have to protect the little monsters, ya know…


Another article pretending that these “teens” are just misguided children who mysteriously and inexplicably went wrong.




I was reading Nashville’s Reddit after this murder made the news. A poster there made mention of parts of Kentucky that had no law enforcement now. Lo and behold:


“Teens” is the jew media’s euphemism for NIGGERS. And for a nigger it’s all the same to him if he lives in the projects or in a prison cell. There is only one effective way to deal with such stupid, violent creatures…


i wonder how long it will be until this trend hits everywhere besides the major minority infested/destroyed metro areas?
Those areas will probably always have the funding and always have law enforcement because of the wealthy types that live there and of course because of niggers who will literally destroy an entire city without a police/SWAT force ready to put them down.
Thats the only reason they already don’t completely destroy any city or metro area now in my estimation.


look at the soulless gaze in the eyes of these subhuman creatures.
They are nothing short of a two legged wrecking balls that destroy anything they are near.


they destroy it anyway… that’s why so many non-criminal jigaboos want to escape to clean, safe white areas. but then the cycle of criminality starts anew when their kids start gangbanging. this happened to a college friend of mine in Arlington, Texas. she and her husband bought a nice home in a nice white neighborhood in South Arlington. when the blacks and hispanics started moving in, drive-by shootings began and she had to get out. someone blasted a shotgun in the wee hours at her neighbors home. she moved back to Graham, Texas where she grew up.

it matters not if the little niggers have middle-class parents, good schools and safe neighborhoods, they are destroyers. it’s in their genetic code…




niggers usually move to white neighborhoods as soon as they can if they have famblys and careers via affirmative action.
But i have seen single nigger bucks move to the suburbs and in my estimation its because they can have a monopoly on crime in whiteys hood.
There are a lot of other violent niggers selling dope, stealing and doing all sorts of crime in the ghettos and blacks are more likely to be killed for stepping on another niggers paw while doing these types of monkeyshines.
People have nicer things in their homes to steal and have nice cars to break into and steal, its a crowbar christmas for them in the burbs…
On a side note, there are also better looking women to rape as well.