49 Dead In New Zealand Mosque Shootings; One Man Charged; Gunman Livestreamed Attack



IDK. Hope this ain’t some Sandy Hook tier shit.
I’m still wading throught mountains of manure on /pol/ tryin to find any somewhat credible news.

Stormers down, I’m not used to doing all this shit to get news…


Its working, but loads of problems loading.


Something about it says I’m a government operation. I’m not saying fake but who gains? The muslums will treat this like the holocaust. Be prepared to deal with more censorship and be ready for a gun grab. Every mass shooting they use the same playbook.


as much as i abhor killing, this video made my day! my main concern was that he was wasting too much ammo. but what a great man he is. and then when he gets back in his car he’s playing “Fire” LMAO!


Imagine the difference in a place like Sweden if they had 100 men like him.


I dont like the look of that dead-faced prime minister ugly bitch.


As expected, more gun laws and restrictive legislation for the people of New Zealand.
We need all your guns goyim so all the Muslims are safe in your white lands.

Another question I have is why everyone is so quick to believe the official juden press narrative of what happened rather than asking yourself (((who benefits)))?

Remember there’s still idiots that think 9/11 was committed by a few men from Saudi Arabia with box cutters.
Question everything. Who benefits should always be your end result.


she’s a jew bitch with a free mason daddy…


Is it possible you can source or provide evidence of those statements?


Am troubled by the strong and very distinctive smell of shit wafting around this event.


Just saw that video… And i liked that shit!!
Shooting up those filthy invaders is the best thing one can do. To me the shooter is a brave man. And i’m quite sure the vast majority of all white people (secretly) appreciates what he has done.
Unfortunately the birthrates of those sandniggers are extremely high. They’re literally breeding like flies. So it would take hundreds of such incidents with thousands of shooters to gain a significant impact against the hostile muslim occupation of our (once) white countries…


i did a search but didn’t keep the link…




It’s never crossed my mind to research how deeply New Zealand is involved in the corruption by the Jew world order and it’s especially difficult to dig up anything on the subject. You might like this link.
Her father, David Ross Arden may not be a Freemason but he has a history and career promoting Agenda 21 and the destruction of the sovereignty of NZ.

It should be quite evident after viewing this that both Jacinda Arden and her father work for the Synagogue Of Satan.


Confirmed death toll now stands at 50: they found another body during clean-up the next day, lol.


Source? If possible.




Seriously? You’re using the Police Twitter as a source? Read my post and comments above good doctor.
Who benefits?


Daniel John Burrough, 18, has also been charged with ‘exciting hostility or ill-will’ in relation to the mosque attacks

How the hell is ‘exciting hostility’ a crime? Over in America we don’t have anti-free speech laws like that and hopefully never will. It is such a foreign concept here.