350 Migrant Invaders Break Through Mexico's Southern Border


Originally published at: 350 Migrant Invaders Break Through Mexico’s Southern Border | Infostormer.com

President Blurmf said that Mexico was helping deal with the Central American migrant invaders. He used this as an excuse not to close the border. But it doesn’t look as if Mexico is really doing a very good job at this.


Mexican authorities said a group of about 350 migrants broke the locks on a gate at the Guatemalan border Friday and forced their way into southern Mexico to join a larger group of migrants trying to make their way toward the United States.

The National Immigration Institute did not identify the nationalities of the migrants, but they are usually from Central America.

A similar confrontation occurred on the same border bridge between Mexico and Guatemala last year.

The institute said the migrants were acting in a “hostile” and “aggressive” way, and accused them of also attacking local police in Metapa, a Mexican village that lies between the border and the nearby city of Tapachula.

The group of 350 pushed past police guarding the bridge and joined a larger group of about 2,000 migrants who are walking toward Tapachula in the latest caravan to enter Mexico.

The fact that they allowed 350 invaders to enter their country while another caravan of 2,000 are marching north is proof that they are not doing a good job.

Guess we’ll see what Blurmf has to say about this. Because Mexico is obviously not adequately dealing with this problem. It was foolish to suggest that they would in the first place.


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Not to mention the bluegummed full blood Africans coming through Mexico’s southern border