30 foot swastika appears on factory of Jew businessman, Brexit Party candidate


Lance Forman, son of one of the countless millions of so-called “Holocaust survivors”, claims he had a call from his factory to inform him that someone had daubed a 30 foot swastika on the wall.



Forman is one of the candidates standing for Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party in the May 23 European Parliament elections. The good news is that the government has confirmed that it’s too late to stop these elections from going ahead, and the major parties are expected to get a thrashing from the Brexit Party.

The swastika spraying was allegedly committed at around 2330 local time on Tuesday, May 7 at the building in Tower Hamlets, East London. I won’t be surprised if the ‘crime’ turns out to have been an inside job.


Whacha doin there rabbi?


People genuinely like Nigel Farage. Sargon doesn’t appear to understand that. Few people like him. I hope the Brexit Party does well on May 23rd.


yes, the timing is suspect and it’s not 30’ tall. so yes, this stinks of kikery… but i take solace knowing that millions of good white people don’t give a shit.


Somehow I knew before even clicking on the article that there would be a connection to a “Holocaust Survivor”.