26yo Bodybuilder Chokes to Death on Food


there’s something obscene about shooting steroids to get HUGE and having to eat enough food for four people to maintain the muscle mass. everyone wants to look good but bodybuilders overdo it BY A LOT. so when i read this story i had to chuckle. he was probably a good guy but holy shit, while stuffing his face he choked on his food. dead at 26…



These bodybuilders just look unnatural and unhealthy. Very sad.


It’s a pity that he couldn’t have channeled some of his excess energy into parenting.


yes, and i’m not even anti-steroid, i’m anti overdoing-it with any drug.
to keep your unnatural muscle-mass you have to be addicted to steroids and shove enough animals in your face to feed four or more people. it’s obscene… this guy was so desperate for calories to maintain his bulk he was eating too fast and chocked. maybe karma does exist…