24 Man Throws Boy 5 at MOA from 3rd Floor



Unnamed means not white. I looked up the Hennipin county jail roster and the Two men arrested shortly after the incident with the same age neither one of them had a white name.





Of course another Somalian infestee oh I mean invader, oh no… rapefugee oops I meant “refugee”


The recent blizzard must have fucked the Somalian’s mind hmm,? Think it’s the Allah’s revenge?


I got a foot of heavy wet snow. The Somali pirates thought winter was over lol Minnesota gave a big FUCK You to them.


Don’t worry Goyim…the police chief said this is an (((isolated event))). Minneapolis is completely safe.


The real rise in anti-white crime and hatred of course will never get a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

This is my PASSION :

Redpilling every last white person with the truth


I am extremely open on this subject !!! Everyone I see and speak to, I articulate the truth and the plight of our people…I don’t give two FUCKS,…I openly debate anyone and win


Heard about this yesterday, it was all over the news on the West Coast - except no mention of race. Notice how the article above mentions “man” - that’s how I knew it was a black tossing a White child from the third floor. If it had been a White, his photo would have immediately been plastered all over the international media.

Instead, it came out hours and hours later.

Surprised the kid is still alive.

In the old days, this monster would have been eliminated while ‘trying to escape’ and the part of town he came from burned to the ground.

Now that was justice blacks understand for harming a White child.


Too bad a White male didn’t step up and throw this beast over the rail.


Nope. All I’m hearing about is “reparations” lately…


As I’ve said on Gab, the Mall of America should be renamed the Mall of Somalia. Shopping malls used to be pleasant places to go but are now no-go zones for White humans.