185,853 Fake Refugees Invade Germany in 2018: Only 26,114 Deported




This is Merkel’s fault. Germany is a police state where opposition parties are outlawed and the government has its jackboot on the White population’s neck.

There will be retribution and these anti-White globalists will be made to pay…


I hope I live to see the day… Germany is being brought to its knees by the treacherous scum like Merkel.


hanging is too good for her…


Let the Muslims have her. They’d know what to do…


In Southeast Asia and countries. It has been completely occupied by the “tongs” immigrants and has been multiplied by two generations. The internal economy of the region has been monopolized by parasites, and there are more immigrants in the politician seats.
Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar and the Philippines
They dubbed this to be the Southeast Asian province of their country. An affiliated province.
Because now the number of their compatriots has exceeded their enemies.

Look at the beautiful resort of South Korea, Jeju Island, in the area of ​​the Korean peninsula, now occupied by millions of immigrants.
The land of Siberia and the Far East has tens of thousands of acres of farmland and gardens occupied by them. The number is still increasing. There will be a war. God will come.

Looking at Canada’s immigration laws, I remember that some well-known provinces were called by the Canadian media to be the provinces of Zhina and the towns of the Zhina. Young, middle-aged, and old, all of them are all in one, and there are constantly a group of new train immigrants coming in and economic speculative activities continue to grow and receive more attention in Canada.
Their history in the United States has long been documented, and now their population has risen wildly, leaving the occupation to continue to multiply and increase their power and replicate their success in Southeast Asia.

In New Zealand? The Jews have sold all of the heavy industry and assets here to the “Tongs”, and these have really not been signed and willed by New Zealanders. New Zealand is essentially a colony and will be destroyed.

Australia is one of the areas I least want to mention, and the number of “tongs” exceeds the population of Australians. Some of their people have been confronted and disputed with political organizations. Their people do penetrate the other party’s internal destruction. Australian assets are shackled by gloves, but Australia is full of idiots whose daily routine is to ridicule New Zealanders; they cannot unite and protect the land that they really love. Australia has many of my friends. They are worried that there will be no awakened white youths appearing and willing to defend their homes.

I am saddened by the fact that in Europe, even Scandinavia has their population and influence.
The dissolution of the Frankish Empire was the happiest record of the Jews. These parasites and the growing population are everywhere in Brussels and Luxembourg, Vienna, the Rhine, Paris, and Geneva.
Italy and Spain were the first to be occupied and the internal economy penetrated. British Isles, England even appeared many “Tongs” and gathering areas, and there are constantly new members sneaked here, the number is always growing. Needless to say, the number and influence of brown churches must be seen in the regions of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, where true indigenous peoples are. An English-speaking person living in Hong Kong said that he lived in Hong Kong for about 30 years, but he never really integrated into this Hong Kong society; because they are very exclusive; they can continue to immigrate to the West and other countries and illegally enter others. National parasitism and the establishment of monopoly and control of the economic lifeline of other countries subvert the sovereignty there. The South African Bor people are now suffering, you guess, who is here now?
Their gangs and their “Masonics” Tongs are just like the Jewish early Masonic venues in England. Not to mention that the intelligence gathering of the intelligence agencies around the world has become easier and smoother in Western countries. If the white world and the region have never had a “Zina Town”
There are no breeding areas for parasites. A brown face with a special “Zina” accent will cause white people’s vigilance and doubt their motives, they can’t carry out espionage and cast their long-term occupation plan in the white world.
The real enemy lurks at home. The interior of the country. Not just a Jewish group, but more enemies. We have detailed in-depth investigations and nearly five years of time and spending a lot of money to understand the truth so that our heart is like burning and anger coexist! Surprisingly, the study was completed, but the young people who did not really wake up awakened to get up.


All young people in the US and Canada, Sweden and Australia have seen warnings from Japanese riki88.
Finally, there is only one person who brought me the warning of riki88. Can you believe it? There is no concern or attention to the survival warnings of their homes and white descendants. They ignored the riki88 message and his sincerity, and most of them did not tell riki88’s goodwill warning to more people. Only one person told me this message, his family is the SS, which makes his reaction and observation ability better than normal.
The final advice of riki88 has a historic warning in the world. Just as the Detroit city, which has added a little black population and has since perished, is an important warning. White children will learn profound lessons and fatal mistakes from their historical experience.
What he said is true, because his understanding of them is not deceptive. People ignored his goodwill warning and his sincerity. According to the progress of the task I know and the profound stories and secrets that are unheard of from the outside world, he is not revealing enough. He doesn’t know too much, and our white youths don’t know more and more terrible things. Waiting for them.
White youth never really awakened and made real action.