100 Tires Slashed in Orthodox Jew Community


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Talk about a sad tale.

ABC News:

More than 100 tires have been slashed in a predominately Orthodox Jewish community in New Jersey in recent days, according to authorities there.

All of the vehicles targeted in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, were owned or driven by Jewish people. The incidents are being investigated as bias crimes, police told ABC New York City station WABC.

The most recent tire slashings occurred outside homes over the weekend, police told WABC. The New Jersey town is home to one of the world’s largest yeshivas.

The Jews will claim that these tire slashings are a new Holocaust and the worst thing to happen since Hitler. It doesn’t matter who actually did it. And for all we know, it could have been one of their own.

I mean, that Jewess Laura Loomer went so far as to lie about her tire being vandalized when it was proven that her tire got fucked up due to her not maintaining her vehicle properly. So we have some history of Jews claiming weird things about tire problems.


If it really was not one of them who slashed the tires, I’m sure these jews don’t make such whining truly because “a hate crime”, but because the money that they’ll have to spend to get new tires.


I wonder what news media outlet would report a story where a nigger neighborhood had 100 car tires slashed in 1 night?
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What good is the media?


Jewish suffering is special!


Laura Loomer’s tires immediately came to mind.


Insurance scam of some sort?